Saving money on groceries is an important part of frugal living. Whether beef or pork, it is important to get as many family meals from the meat as possible. Here are some suggestions for money saving help with meat recipes.

Beef Roasts

It is easy to get at least five meals from a package of two roasts. Depending on the size of the family, increase the number of packages.

Stew – (Two Meals)

In each package, there is one roast with an end of mostly gristle and fat. Use this end (1/3 of the roast) for stew meat at one half the cost of package stew meat. At least two meals can be had from a pot of stew.

Drip Beef Sandwiches – (One to Two Meals)

The remaining beef roast can be cooked for drip beef sandwiches. Drip beef is better when cooked overnight in a crock pot. Consult a crock pot recipe book for the best results. This roast will serve one meal, and possibility two. Serve sandwiches with plenty of broth from the pot.

Pot Roast – (One Meal)

The remaining roast in the package can be used for pot roast with onions, potatoes and carrots. Once the roast and vegetables are cooked, and before serving, set aside some roast (about the size of two decks of cards), about one half cup of vegetables, and one cup of gravy. Serve the balance of the pot roast meal. Keep any leftovers and refrigerate all for the next day.

S.O.S. – (One to Two Meals)

The following day, take the amount of roast set aside, any leftover roast, and chip into small pieces. Place in a large skillet or pan. Cut the leftover and reserved vegetables into pieces and add to the pot. Add leftover gravy and drippings. Simmer until all is piping hot and serve over sliced bread or toast. This meal is quick, hot, and very satisfying as roasts and gravy get better each time they are re-heated.

Ground Beef Meals

Ground beef can be purchased in a variety of “lean” packages. Prices vary with the degrees of fat included in the beef. Cheaper ground beef can be used if, once cooked, the fat is completely drained from the pan. Some recipes suggest washing the beef with hot running water to remove the fat. With a small amount effort, there is no need to pay premium price for ground beef.

An onion sauteed with the ground beef is an excellent meat extender. Cooked in this manner, the meat can be reduced and used simply as seasoning. Pasta dishes with ground beef will feed a group of people economically. The Skinner Macaroni web site has delicious recipes for ground beef and pasta dishes.


One of the most economical meals for several people can be made from a single cheaper cut of pork loin. Everyone loves barbecue pork sandwiches. Boil the pork loin covered in water with seasonings of salt, pepper, and onion. Cook the pork until fork tender.

Once cooked, chop the meat until fine. Add some of the pork fat while chopping as fat will help keep the meat from drying out as quickly. Serve on toasted buns. Provide sides of mayonnaise, mustard, barbecue sauce, pickles, sliced onion, and chips. Men especially like this meal as they can prepare their own sandwiches as many times as they wish!

Good food handling practices are important. Always freeze meats unless used immediately, and practice the "first in - first out" method with meats in the freezer by dating the packages. Chain grocery stores will run sales on meats about every seven weeks. Watch for sale prices to extend your savings on grocery meat purchases.