If you’re hankering for a hamburger and fries, few fast food restaurants can match the convenience and scrumptiousness of Jack In The Box. Founded in 1951, Jack In The Box has been serving delicious fast food for more than half a century. There are 2,200 locations centered largely in the West Coast, with a few scattered locations also to be found throughout Texas and the eastern United States.

Why choose Jack In The Box? Here are just a few great reasons:

  • There is a big menu with some nontraditional items on it. Whereas most hamburger-focused fast food restaurants serve only hamburgers and sandwiches with just a few other menu options, at Jack In The Box you can also purchase tacos, egg rolls, and other international menu items.
  • At Jack In The Box, you can get in and out fast. Your food will be ready in a matter of minutes.
  • If you are in the Western US, wherever you are, chances are good that there are one or more Jack In The Box restaurants near you. Jack In The Box is open 24 hours.
  • This is a rare fast food restaurant where you can get sandwiches on different types of bread. There are traditional hamburger buns, but some sandwiches are served on sourdough or other gourmet breads.
  • Prices are affordable. Jack In The Box is a fast food restaurant, and as such, it is on the cheap side. So this is a great way to save money, get your food fast, and enjoy a satisfying meal.

Of course, “cheap” is not what it used to be. Even fast food restaurants cost more than they did a couple decades ago. As such, you might still find yourself stretching your budget sometimes to eat out at Jack In The Box.

If you want to eat out at Jack In The Box more often, you will be excited to know that there are coupons available. In fact, you can find printable coupons right here.

Current Coupons for March 2018

Check below to see all the coupons which are currently offered for Jack In The Box!

Expired Coupons

Below you can see some coupons for Jack In The Box which are expired. While these coupons probably will not work at most locations, they may still be accepted at a few. If you try them, you could get lucky and save a few bucks!

What Can You Eat at Jack In The Box?

The focus at Jack In The Box is on hamburgers, but the menu is pretty diverse, so no matter what you are hungry for, you should be able to find something to satisfy your cravings.

Jack In The Box menu categories include:

  • Burgers
  • Chicken & Salads
  • Tacos, Fries & Sides
  • Breakfast
  • Brunchfast®
  • Late Night
  • Shakes & Desserts
  • Drinks

Some popular sandwiches which you can eat at Jack In The Box include the Classic Buttery Jack™, the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, the Sourdough Jack and the Jumbo Jack. Prefer chicken? Try Jack’s Spicy Chicken® or a Chicken Club Salad. For a side, you can’t go wrong with the Seasoned Curly Fries.

Take a look at the full Menu & Prices for Jack In The Box.

Different Types of Jack In The Box Coupons

Jack In The Box offers coupons online and in the Sunday newspaper. Coupons typically fall into one of several categories:

  • A certain dollar amount discount, for example $1 off on a particular meal or menu item.
  • A percentage discount, such as 10% off.
  • A discount which applies to a certain category of customers, such as seniors.

You can find these coupons by searching for them online or in the paper. You can also subscribe to Jack In The Box. You simply put in your email address or mobile number, and delicious deals will be sent right to your inbox. If you subscribe, you will receive up to five messages every month. These will include coupons as well as information on new products.

The easiest way to find all current offers for Jack In The Box is to visit our printable coupons page. We keep this page updated with as many current promotions and coupon codes as we can find.

Jack In The Box Coupon Tips & Tricks

Nothing is more annoying than printing out a coupon code and then having it rejected when you go to make your restaurant purchase. Sadly this does happen sometimes, especially when you are relying on online offers. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your coupon codes are accepted at the time of purchase:

  • Do not attempt to use the same exact coupon twice. Print it out one and only one time. After you have used it, it will never work again. Each barcode is unique, and each deal is meant to be used only once.
  • Oftentimes a particular deal is only available to so many customers. So say for example you see a coupon for 10% off. This deal may only be available to the first thousand customers who try to use it, after which it will stop working, expired or not. If you spot a deal, try and snag it right away. Otherwise you could be left out.
  • Do not download Jack In The Box coupons from sites you do not trust. Fake coupons are circulating online, and they will be rejected.
  • Note that not every Jack In The Box franchise location will necessarily accept every coupon. You could have a coupon rejected at one branch and find it works just fine at a nearby franchise.
  • When you go to print out a coupon, do not just print out the single coupon. Print the whole page. Bring it with you to Jack In The Box. That way you are showing the cashier not just the coupon, but also what site you downloaded it from. If they recognize that the website is legitimate, they are less likely to reject the coupon.
  • If a coupon is critical to your budgeting, just call and ask whether they are taking it before you drive all the way to the restaurant.

Now you know how you can save money on delicious hamburgers, salads, and sides from Jack In The Box! Next time you go out to eat, print out some coupons first, and you can enjoy your fast food favorites for less!